I first went to France in April 2001. Those photos need to be scanned and are not shown yet. That 2001 trip focused on Paris and a brief sidetrip into Switzerland (Lauterbrunnen valley). In the years since, I have been able to return to France and see different parts of the country. Most trips were strictly as a tourist, but in 2009 I was able to incorporate a hiking component.

Click here to see the France 2005 album. The cities emphasized were Annecy, Aix en Provenace, Grenoble, and Lyon.

In 2009, the focus was on finding Darcy in Dijon, hiking to Beaune, exploring the Loire valley, site seeing in the beautiful Dordogne valley, visiting the city of Pau and the Pyrennes in southwest France, Languedoc region, the Mediterrean coast, the Rhone valley, and Mt. Blanc (Chamonix).